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NASA Spots A Mystifying Massive Dragon Aurora Over Iceland

NASA has lately released a marvelous image of a massive dragon aurora that moves silently throughout the night sky above Iceland. NASA believes to capture more of such natural phenomenon formed due to the space-related particles, light, and bodies in order to carry out an in-depth study of the particular stars.

The current incident is the outcome of a natural phenomenon wherein the particles released during the Sun’s own processes tend to collide with the Earth’s atmosphere leading to the gorgeous light show. Even though a real dragon does not exist in today’s era the space phenomenon helps put up a dragon show for the viewers. The huge dragon-shaped aurora formed in the sky over Iceland at the start of this month gives the viewers and the scientists the details of the wonders of space.

NASA has declared and affirmed that the huge dragon aurora was formed basically due to a hole created in the Sun’s corona that led to the discharge of the enormous amount of particles into the solar wind atmosphere that furthermore trailed the altering interplanetary magnetic turf to Earth’s magnetosphere. This dragon aurora is a strange event appearing in the night sky as it happens specifically during low sunspot activity. According to NASA, it means that the Sun is no longer emanating the amount of charged particles that it used to in the earlier days. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is currently working on integrating the exceptional starlight measurement practice named astrocomb obtained using the spectrograph into the planet-hunting telescopes like Hobby-Eberly Telescope so as to help track down Earth-like planets or any other similar climatic extraterrestrial life in the unfathomable dark space. The current project is worked on by NIST, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Colorado Boulder (CU) by the starlight-related measurements and data obtained using the telescope and spectrograph.