Caviar Tells Who’s Cooking Food By Tagging Women-Controlled Restaurants

Caviar Tells Who’s Cooking Food By Tagging Women-Controlled Restaurants

Food delivery applications assist you get salads and pizza without having to talk at all to restaurants. You may go for months without even requiring to know who is cooking your food. But Caviar (meal delivery startup) needs to underline where your money has really been going when you order all those salads and pizzas. It has made an eye-catching & permanent division at the top of its application devoted to businesses powered by or controlled by females.

Up to now, just a few restaurants are added in the division of the app—34 in downtown Manhattan. But consumers also get the capability of nominating other users to be added via a Google form. The criteria: any restaurants that have females in the kitchen as head chefs, as leaders of teams, or as business owners.

The association does feel a little gimmicky in ways. Caviar joined hands with Pineapple Collaborative, a platform for females to share experiences with and speak about food, so the division on the app is oddly dubbed as “Women-Powered with Pineapple.”

On a related note, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the Chinese e-commerce behemoth, earlier claimed that it is in discussions to purchase, the food delivery platform. But no agreement is in place yet, a shareholder in claimed to the media in an interview this week. Beijing Hualian Department Store Co Ltd claimed that Alibaba was in talk with Rajax, which runs and owns, about including to the approximately 1/4th share in the platform that the e-commerce behemoth already posses.

“On the other hand, the firm has not presently inked any agreement to transport any fund to Alibaba in Rajax. Key problems such as timing, price, the method, and volume of any equity payment are still below discussion,” Hualian claimed.