Autonomous Fighter Jet By Boeing Might Arrive By 2020

Autonomous Fighter Jet By Boeing Might Arrive By 2020

Boeing has revealed a self-governing fighter jet that is likely to fly by 2020. The aircraft is developed to fly together with crewed jets at the time of combat, conducting early intelligence gathering, warning tests, reconnaissance, and surveillance.

Dubbed as the Boeing Airpower Teaming System, the aircraft will assist lessen some of the danger comprised in combat cases—without a human pilot, the aircraft will be capable of flying for longer instances, process more data, and withstand higher g-force at a given time. It is the first combat vehicle to be designed in decades within Australia.

Boeing has not disclosed the prices comprised in the project, but states that the jets will cost a “part” of a manned aircraft. It aims on selling the fighter to users all over the world, changing it as per needs. The US military will be interested with no doubt, considering its own work with independent combat jets. Earlier it disclosed a similar aircraft that was developed to act as an unmanned fighter.

On a related note, Donald Trump (the U.S. President) earlier proclaimed that the U.S. Government has offered Boeing Co (BA.N) with a $3.9 Billion contract. The mentioned contract is intended to manufacture about two 747-8 aircraft that would be used as Air Force One by the U.S. President.

The company official proclaimed on Tuesday that they have to deliver these aircraft by December 2024. These aircraft should be painted in red, white, and blue in color. The Pentagon declared the recent announcement on Tuesday.

The Pentagon stated that the previously granted contract of the company for development work is further expanded to incorporate plan, alterations, and fielding of about two mission-ready presidential 747-8 aircraft. The contract followed the plan of the casual deal carried out between Boeing and the White House in February 2018.