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T-Mobile Pledges 5G Will Not Cost More Than Present Data Plans

Neville Ray (T-Mobile CTO) made it a point in a statement to the media to highlight the firm’s latest promise that it will not increase costs for minimum 3 Years if its gigantic merger with Sprint is eventually accepted by regulators and permitted to proceed. CEO John Legere, who is ready to spearhead the merged firm, made that pledge to Ajit Pai (FCC chairman) previously this month. Ray directly verified that Legere’s statements will also apply to data plans for 5G.

T-Mobile will carry on to provide limitless data for 5G, Ray claimed, once the company’s network is up and running with machines that can take benefit of the reduced latency and elevated speeds of 5G. The firm’s present T-Mobile One limitless plan begins at $70 including taxes and other charges, so most probably that is also where 5G will begin if T-Mobile remains true to Legere’s word. The updated T-Mobile One Plus plan (with LTE hotspot speeds and HD streaming) begins at $85 per month, so that is one more possibility.

On a related note, T-Mobile and Sprint earlier claimed that they have called off amalgamation discussions to make a stronger wireless firm in the U.S. to rival market companies. The declarations symbols the newest failed effort to merge the 4th and 3rd biggest wireless carriers of the U.S., as SoftBank Group Corp. parent company of Sprint, and Deutsche Telekom AG, parent company of T-Mobile, express reluctance to hand over too much of their prized telecom assets of the U.S.

A combined firm might have had over 130 Million subscribers in the U.S., behind AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. The failed amalgamation might also assist keep wireless costs low as all 4 carriers have been hugely discounting their cell phone schemes in a war for users.