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Nissan US Exec Arrested in Japan, Released On Bail

Nissan US Exec Arrested in Japan, Released On BailGreg Kelly, a senior executive of Nissan Motor Co. who had been arrested and detained in Japan on charges of reporting false details of his boss Carlos Ghosn’s salary, has been released on bail. Kelly is an American citizen was released on approval of his bail request that was filed by his lawyer. He had to pay bail bond of 70 million yen that finally ended his month long detention on Christmas day. After release he will go to hospital for treatment of a persistent neck problem. Both Ghosn and Kelly had been sent to a detention center after they were charged with wrongly reporting the salary of Ghosn and underreporting it by $ 44 million between 2011 and 2015.

His bail was accepted after the Japanese court judge dismissed extension request for detention by prosecutors for investigation purposes. The charges against both accused are pending for underreporting the salary and trail date has not been set for the same. Co-accused Ghosn is still in prison and is likely to remain there till 1st Jan or more since he has also been accused for breach of trust and misuse of office funds for personal use.

Prosecutors have told the court that both men are flight risks so they have to follow rules of court with regard to residence and travel which prompted Kelly to make a statement to Japanese media that he is innocent. The statement copy which was presented to media houses in Japan through Kelly’s lawyer had his declaration that he was not involved in any false entry and his innocence would be revealed during the trial. The arrests of both men have raised concerns in international circles about Japanese law of long detentions without trial as though both men have been removed from their responsibilities at Nissan they continue to be board members at the automobile firm.