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Fried Chicken, Fish Serving Daily Enhances Death Risk By 13%

Fried Chicken, Fish Serving Daily Enhances Death Risk By 13%According to a new study, consumption of the fried food items, especially chicken and fish may lead to severe health disruptions, even inviting death 13% more than the people who refrain from embracing this lifestyle.

A study was conducted on a group of women who have achieved menopause from the age 50 to 79 years. This study was conducted on 107,000 women who were scrutinized for over 18 years to reach to the bottom of the conclusion. It has proven that consuming these foods items enhance the risk of death. This study was further compared with the women who are not prone to eating fried chicken every other day. As per the study released in BMH, a medical journal, the risk of death in the group of women consuming fried chicken is 13% higher while the group who consume either shell fish or fried fish have 7% higher risk. Hence, the study has concluded that if people controlled the consumption of these food items with immediate effect, not only will their body weight can be kept under control but they will also be able to lead a healthier and longer life.

This is not all as eating fried potato may also fuel the factors that lead to an early death. As per Wei Bao, the lead author of the study, they are aware that consumption of fried food items in the US is a common activity. However, the negative effects of the same are not known to most of the binge eaters who live on the fried foods.

Though the previous studies have proven that the fried foods spike the chances of susceptibility to Type 2 diabetes, this study is believed to be the first of its kind as it finds a direct link between the rate of mortality and fried food items.